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GSoC Proposal 2015

GSOC-Idea Create new interactives for Investigations      curriculum units

Personal Information

  • Name - Rishi Shah
  • Age - 18
  • Address - Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380013, India.
  • Phone number(s) - +91-9824513046
  • E-mail address-


   I am an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) undergraduate student at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT),Gandhinagar, India which is a hotbed for open source developers in my country. I am currently in my first year, slated to get my degree in 2018. I am an active member of the Google Developer Group chapter of DA-IICT.

Courses I have completed -
  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming using Java
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

  These courses laid the foundations of my programming skills which made it easy for me to learn , use and contribute to open source.
  I went to school ST.Xavier’s Loyola, which is the one of the top 10 schools in my state. I completed my higher senior secondary in 2014. I belong to science stream. I am very passionate about programming and coding. During my first sem of college I jumped into the coding and development world. I made a snake game using HTML & javascript, and made a solid state web-app. My inspiration for this app drew from the problems I faced visualizing 3D geometry in my schooling. I have good knowledge of physics, chemistry, and maths. I am very creative and enjoy painting and designing.

Work and Open-Source Experience

Startup Experience
Employer Name - Rygbee(Social network)
Job - Web developer,
       -My job is to design front end part using AngularJS and I have to make linkage between   
        servlet and JADE gateway through Spring framework .                                 
Date - 5th January to April 2015

Open Source Experience
Organization Name - Sugar Labs
Project - Sugar Labs Developer
              Made Web App based on HTML5,Javascript & CSS
Date - December 2014 onwards

Organization Name - Code Combat
worked - Solved & issued bugs related to Javascript, coffeescript and CSS
Date - December 2014 onwards

Organization Name - The Concord Consortium
worked - Improved few lab-interactives
Date - December 2014 Onwards

Programming Experience

  • Proficient in Javascript,C,HTML
           Used HTML & Javascript to build web-apps.
  • Significant experience with Java,CSS,PHP
           Used PHP & CSS to make landing page for Rygbee.
  • Frameworks - AngularJs,Jquery,Spring
           Used Jquery to make Solid state web application and used AngularJs to make web page
  • Database - OrientDB

Operating System Experience

  • Linux(Fedora & Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)  
  • Windows

Which Project(s) Do You Want to Work On?

Priority Wise :
1.Create new interactives for Investigations curriculum units
2. Move popular materials from Java to HTML5
3. Control of simulations with gesture input

How Will You Successfully Complete Your Project?

   For this project my job is to develop new interactives which can be fit into curriculums units.It is very essential and important project because users directly get into touch with it. so it all depends on how I am developing it interactive and user friendly by just adding few features related to interactive. To add more features I need to edit lab framework, lab grapher, lab interactives.
 I know the basic code flow of lab grapher and lab interactives and I’m trying to understand code flow of lab framework. Even when I understand it, I research a lot and do not hesitate to take help of my mentor, of course after web surfing.
 In my previous experience with the concord consortium, to understand basic work flow, I played with the code locally until I got a grip of the project I was working with. Before my internship starts I would like to understand the whole working of the system from starting to end so that I can work on the code with full swing and without any hesitation.
  My mentor is at GMT - 5:00 and I am at GMT: +5:30 so to work together I will contact to my mentor during his active time.


     Many people advised me to go for KDE or such organizations so that I have a better prospect. But it isn’t just about getting selected.
     First, the idea itself intrigues me a lot. During my primary education I faced many problems to understand concepts of science by visualization. We didn’t have sufficient experimental apparatus or any kind of software to experiment or understand it.Through this project I want to make new interactives so that others will not face the same problem that I faced during my school time.We can make science more interesting through these models.
   Today the world is changing continuously. With the help of new technologies, computational science, & softwares we can build models to understand,to test, and to play with science. I think The Concord Consortium approaches the problem of unavailability of labs component in a nicer way.
  Additionally I like how The Concord Consortium offers a very welcoming environment to new contributors even if they don't have any experience with open-source projects.I would love to push The Concord Consortium forward to become more popular, either through Google Summer of Code contributions or just through contributions in my leisure time.

How you find out about us?
I am very passionate about creating innovative scientific models, which makes science easy to understand. My hobby is to make new applications based on simulations which enable users to interactively visualize and analyze the dynamics of scientific concepts. So to develop such kind of activities I need some good enough platform which provides me an initial kind of push up. Of course such kind of help and encouragement are generally provided by open source organizations.  So after surfing on net on these kind of platforms, I came to know about The Concord Consortium. I instantly started liking it and started contributing to it.


                        Using  HTML5,Javascript,CSS,Canvas

                                         Using  HTML5,Javascript,Jquery,CSS,Canvas

Contribution in The Concord Consortium
  • Radio Activity Model
  • Breaking Molecular Bond
    Submitted Patches
  • Breaking molecular bond table version
  • Making breaking bond:dissociation energy
  • Lab-grapher : To hide axis values


  I have my final exams from 27th April to 2nd May 2015. I don't have any other obligation other than my GSOC Project  and intend to devote more than 40 hours a week for this project. My college vacations are from early May to late July. Also just after college reopens, there would not be any load due to college curriculum, so I will be able to devote my maximum time towards my project. I am even ready to work at the weekends if the project demands so.


Yes, I am eligible to receive payments from Google.

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